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New Mexico State University
Engineering Physics
College of Engineering


Engineering Physics provides students with academic advising toward the completion of their degree. Together, you and your advisor will develop your degree plan consistent with your major, fulfilling NMSU and State of New Mexico General Education requirements along with planning appropriate course-work for the "fast-track" to the Physics Master's degree. Working with your advisor will help you to make timely and satisfactory progress toward your degree. Your advisor acts as a guide, helping you plot the course of your degree.

While advisors are a helpful and extremely valuable resource, it is your responsibility to:

It is the advisors duty to:

  • provide you with accurate academic information
  • help you design a realistic degree plan that is consistent with your area of interest
  • provide you with information and general education requirements
  • refer you to the appropriate service or department based on need.

Advising is required for all undergraduate students prior to registration for the next semester.