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New Mexico State University
Engineering Physics
College of Engineering

About Engineering Physics

About EP
Student at work.

The Engineering Physics Degree

EP at NMSU is the only engineering physics degree program in New Mexico. The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics is for students who want to apply science and math to real-life technical problems. Cooperative education and internship possibilities can give students hands-on work experience, which is important for students who want employment immediately after graduation. The program is offered jointly by the College of Engineering and the Department of Physics (College of Arts & Sciences).

Engineering Physics Students

  • Follow a rigorous course of study in physics and mathematics, combined with an engineering core curriculum in mechanical or electrical and computer engineering.
  • Perform laboratory work and become familiar with experimental techniques and technology, using the most up-to-date equipment.
  • Practice working in multidisciplinary environments to learn the highest level of communication skills and teamwork.
  • Often use their valuable undergraduate training to prepare for professional careers in business administration, law, medicine or engineering.
  • Have the ideal background to work in the newest technologies and on some of the most exciting research taking place in industry or in national laboratories and universities.

Engineering Physicists

Engineering Physicists are hired near the top of the pay scale for engineers to work in many different fields such as fiber optical communications, information technology, laser, microelectronics, nanotechnology, nuclear instrumentation and nuclear power. Engineering physicists are flexible professionals who often work in teams with specialists from many different disciplines. For example, chemists, engineers, materials scientist, nanotechnologists and physicists work closely together since the field requires development and problem-solving skills related to all those disciplines.