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New Mexico State University
Engineering Physics
College of Engineering



The Engineering Physics Degree

EP at NMSU is the only engineering physics degree program in New Mexico. It is for students who want to apply science and math to real-life technical problems. Cooperative education and internship possibilities can give students hands-on work experience, which is important for students who want employment immediately after graduation. The program is offered jointly by the College of Engineering and the Department of Physics (College of Arts & Sciences).

Engineering Physics Curriculum

Engineering Physics combines the best of both physics and engineering. EP is the study of both the fundamentals of physics and the application of those fundamentals to one of four engineering disciplines: Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. Students develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding in their chosen field and beyond.

Capstone Design Courses

The Engineering Physics Capstone Design Courses are similar to those of the other engineering degrees. Students will be involved in a capstone project, during their senior year, which involves a major design project. The capstone courses are run in the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engieering and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. In these courses, the students work in teams of 3-5 students and they deal with a design project from an outside client. Recent clients include: Boeing, GM, Delphi, Intel and Raytheon.