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New Mexico State University
Engineering Physics
College of Engineering

EP Students Ambassadors

Student Ambassdor Awards Ceremony
Ambassador Reception

Engineering Physics Student Ambassadors are highly motivated students, who represent the College of Engineering and the Engineering Physics Program. Their goal is to educate and/or recruit students to the EP degree options, and the College or Engineering in general. Our Student Ambassadors volunteer their time and talents while gaining a wealth of experience in networking, recruiting and creating rewarding experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime within the College, NMSU and the community at large.

Our Student Ambassadors participate in on-campus recruitment events for EP, the NMSU President's Office, NMSU Office of Admissions and university wide events such as Aggie Welcome Week, New Student Orientations, and Aggie Experience!

We are always looking for friendly, fun and dedicated students to join the EP student ambassador team. Become a student ambassador today!